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National Health Service Corps: Multi-year Library Project for Ketchum Worldwide and the US Department of Health & Human Services.


“I enjoy what I am doing so much, and feel blessed and fortunate to be able to do the work I’m doing.”

“It’s easy to go and make a lot of money. It’s a lot more difficult to make an impact on someone’s life.”

“I’m needed. And the rewards are bountiful.” 

—Reflections of NHSC Participants


The National Health Service Corps connects dedicated medical caregivers with underserved, often rural communities who have limited access to health care. In exchange, the NHSC participants receive scholarship and loan repayment benefits, as well as the opportunity to treat patients who need their skills. This inspiring commission from Ketchum Worldwide took me across the United States to document these dedicated clinicians at work in their communities. I photographed their interactions with patients, colleagues as well as their home and community lives, to show the positive and lasting impact Service Corps participants have on their communities.


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